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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


There was a time when our country experienced power rationing due to shortage of rain. You will recall the 2006 electricity crisis for which we almost ‘imported’ Thai rainmakers. Still we continue suffering from power rationing. What’s the matter?
Well, in this age of electrification, computerisation and digitization … we should really give priority to having stable sources of electricity. The Kilimo Kwanza policy … if it is one … should be sort of a pilot project. So, after Kilimo Kwanza, there should follow Umeme Kwanza.
What difference has Electricity made to the world?
  • Electricity is used to give us a more convenient life – light, heat, power to our houses, cookers etc.
  • Electricity can be used to start a person’s heart.
  • It is clean, safe and cheap.
  • The production, transmission and distribution of electric energy is easier than other forms of energy.
  • When it is consumed, it does not leave any residue behind it. Thus, it is a clean energy.
  • It can easily be converted into other forms of energy.
  • Safety: street lighting , traffic control , Communications (telephones), Transportation, Computers, radio & television
With reliable and cheap Electric power, Tanzania will make wonders and our economy will grow at 10% or more per year. This is because:
  1. Food production will increase because having cheap and reliable electric power, irrigation is possible. Let say every family is sure to produce 1 hecta without worrying about rainfall, there will be excess of food which we may sell abroad to get foreign currency and balance of payment will be in our favor
  2. We may sell electric power to our neighbors with shortage and earn foreign income
  3. Transport will be easer by using high speed electric trains in Dar es Salaam and beyond. People will be able to stay let say Morogoro and working here in the city, this will reduce slams and concentration of people in the city. Also it will reduce oil usage hence environmental conservation.
  4. Investors will be attracted to invest here in Tanzania because electric power is abundant hence Industrial Revolution in Tanzania. No certain industrial revolution, no development.
  5. Population increase in urban areas will slow down because if people are sure of life in rural areas they will remain there to produce food and other cash crops for towns rather than coming here in Town to suffer. This ALSO WILL REDUCE CRIMES AND OTHER EVILS in urban areas.
  6. Education in rural and urban areas will be better because there will be enough light for study during night and teachers will not refuse to work in rural areas where everything is available, e.g pipeline water,food, Television, communication (phone), internet and other entertainments.
  7. And other many advantages of electric power you know
In conclusion I can say we jumped the stage by insisting kilimo kwanza. How can we produce crops and animals just by rain dependency? But if we have enough electric power especially hydroelectric power we will be able to do irrigation by pumping up the underground water and from other water bodies for irrigation.
We have so many sites and water falls for hydroelectric power production, let us use them. It is a matter of priority, let us sacrifice some development programmes and invest heavily in this sector of electric energy for our future betterment.
Otherwise we will remain the same hundreds years to come.
I'm waiting comment's my dear stakeholders.

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